Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic ceremony in which a person is brought into full resonance with the energy that connects the physical being to the spiritual being.

Why soul loss occurs is unknown, yet this practice exists throughout indigenous cultures in time an space, which is an indication that soul loss is something intrinsic to the nature of human existence. It is my feeling that an aspect of soul loss is as a protective mechanism. An experience becomes crystallized outside of the immediate experiential matrix so that a person may revisit it at a time in their life when they are more fully equipped to handle the emotional, mental, psychical, and spiritual implications of the event.

There is never a time in your life when you are not whole, though soul parts may recede from your energetic field, you are always intact. In the same way that a  person who has lost a limb is still whole, but no longer has access to that limb – you are always whole.

Soul retrieval is the process of bringing back the limb.

During the ceremony itself, we will perform a shared prayer, after which I will induce a trance state through drumming. At this time, your job is to relax, be as open and receptive as possible, and don’t worry if you fall asleep. I will be lying down next to you and, traveling amongst the spirit realms, call for your soul parts. The duration of the ceremony varies depending on the number of soul parts and where they are located. Some individuals experience energetic fluxes, or may receive visions and symbols, others experience nothing at all. All are perfectly normal and have no bearing on the effectiveness of the process.

Your soul parts will return one hundred percent. This is sure.

After the journey, I will recount what I saw. As the caller, my sole responsibility is to ensure the return of the pieces. I am a messenger, an empty vessel to convey the symbols of your soul’s experience. Whether or not these symbols will relate, again has no bearing on the effectiveness of the ceremony.

This is a very beautiful, delicate, and subtle process. I am blessed to do this work and would be honored to perform this ceremony with you.

The session lasts between 1.5 – 3 hours and the cost is a sliding scale of $150 – $250