My service can include and is tailored to the needs of you and your family:

  • Light housekeeping or meal preparation
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Baby wearing assistance and education
  • Birth processing and screening for postpartum mood disorders
  • Errands
  • Emotional, physical or mental support
  • Creating a safe and nurturing environment for healing and bonding
  • Resources
  • Baby care to help parents rest, shower, or any other self care
  • Helping to create and organize a flow of help from friends/extended family

Postpartum services are offered a rate of $30/hour for day shifts and $40/hour for night shifts with a minimum base of 10 hours.

Ten hours can look like three 3-hour shifts with a 1-hour consultation or birth processing session. It can look like one 9-hour overnight shift with a 1-hour consultation. We can tailor the experience to meet your needs.

We will work together to find what will best nurture and support your experience.